Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve

 Contact :   (495) 799 53 00
 Address :  Udaltsova 75A moscow


Swingers Club "Adam and Eve" - ​​the largest and oldest swinging club in Moscow. Welcome to swinger-club "Adam and Eve." Four times a week at our club swinger parties are held. We invite mostly swing couples, men without companions has a limited about the number of women, why men recommend pre-recorded on the day of the party, afternoon or early evening, otherwise you can not get.

Club "Adam and Eve" was created in 2002. The first event - private party - held on 14 September. It was held in the sauna at the Derbenevskaya waterfront. Since then much has changed: now we are in a spacious, comfortable club of about 800 square meters, the program has become more varied and interesting, the service up to a good level several times greater than was the visitors. About our many articles published in certain newspapers and magazines, filmed TV reports (in days neklubnye), taken a lot of interviews with the hostess and organizer of the Club Marina. Our club is known throughout Russia, we were going to spend week end couples from across the country because they do not always have such clubs. And if they exist, the famous "Adam & Eve" is so great that swingers tend to go everywhere with us. We welcome both Muscovites and guests, as a swing - a phenomenon worldwide. Our visitors are often foreigners, who even before his arrival in Moscow heard of "Adam & Eve."

For those who are going to our club, a little show you how to run the party: In our club, all guests must observe the dress code: all the scantily clad go. We give out free towels, sheets and disposable slippers. The ladies tend to go in the stockings, shoes, heels, negligees, body and beautiful lingerie. Some wear very revealing sexy dress.
If a woman is not brought with her a similar outfit, you can put on a sheet or a pareo, which are sold here. Reflecting on their appearance, show imagination.

Men too can show your creativity for an erotic costume. If you did not come up with an extreme, can be found in the sheets, towels, or just in shorts or swimming trunks.

Our club has a spacious great room with sofas and a bar. There are entertainment programs (PREVIEW). Leading Ruslan will quickly adapt to all: beginners - to forget that they have for the first time, and regular guests - aside from thinking about the day.
After the show, the program begins disco. Sounds popular music of the 80-90s and the modern Euro-dance, vocal house. The hottest hits played for you DJ Deny, and the weather on the dance floor orders MC forecaster.

Every first Friday of the month are Gang-Bang party. Gang-Bang - is sex a girl you like and what number of men. Therefore, men are not allowed by the number of women, and a little more and the girls have more choices, as well as they can meet their most secret desires.

Every third Friday of the month are Bad Girl party. On this night - all for the ladies: free admission, male striptease gorgeous handsome boys, at 300 rubles drinks and hot meals at the bar for free, competitions, prizes to the participants and the winners, the best gift for an erotic outfit!

We try to make the guests of the club was interested. So often we organize theme parties. Some of them are devoted to general holidays (New Year, Valentine's Day, February 23, March 8, Lenin's birthday, when we remember, as were the pioneers, Midsummer Ivan Kupala, Helloween, Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution Day, police, etc . etc.), as well as our own celebrations: wedding party, BDSM party, latin party, beach party, shower, party, etc.)

For those wishing to retire provides 7 separate rooms - a small, 2 - 3 pairs, as well as plenty of room for 10 - 12 pairs. That serves their photo in Gallery section.

For your comfort and safety of condoms are given free of charge, they lie in wait for every room and use for its intended purpose.

After the main program in the cozy chill out'e a more intimate setting begins very candid male and female striptease. Sometimes the program runs fuck show. Dancers can order a lap dance for a fee. These dancers are also declared in the Announcement.

Guests can take a steam in the sauna, where there is a pool with warm water. Lovers of billiards we suggest American pool. For the use of facilities, sauna and billiard room is no extra charge.

In the swinger club, "Adam and Eve," you can smoke hookah. We care about respecting all the rules of hookah smoking. If you are looking for, where shisha - come in a swinger club "Adam and Eve." In our club can smoke hookah, and those who are familiar with all the subtleties this ritual, and those who have never did it. Swingers Club "Adam and Eve" - ​​the club, which serves hookah master of Syria. He invites you to enjoy smoking tobacco blends in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, the atmosphere of the mysterious East. Swingers Club "Adam and Eve" offers relax, relieve stress and have a good time with friends.

We give each birthday cake (upon presentation of a passport). Invite your friends to your celebration, and this day they will remember for a long time.

For those who came in their cars, parking is provided. There are taxi services, as well as a service "sober driver."

At our parties you can eat well and drink. You can taste dishes of European, Russian, and home cooking, which is prepared by our chef. To study the menu, you can see the MENU. The bar also serves a complimentary buffet: green and black tea, mineral water, some wines and snacks.

From the metro station Vernadsky Avenue, (10 min walk), the output of the 1st car, go on the left side of the street. Udaltsova from the cinema "Star" in the direction of Michurinskom Avenue. Between houses number 77 and number 79, turn left, walk 150 meters on the left side to the two-storey building ("Supermarket"), the entrance can be seen flashing ball, like a fireworks display and the sign "Why Not" (blue door with a round window)

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