Par i Hjärter / Pair of Hearts
Par i Hjärter / Pair of Hearts

 Contact :   08-730 00 32
 Address :  solna


Par i Hjärter (Pair of Hearts) is a swingers club for couples only. The club is located in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm.

It requires membership to visit the club. Applications must be made at least 24 hours before the first visit. For membership, send an email to with both partners full name. Be sure that you also receive confirmation before your first visit.

Membership a year is 600 SEK and the entrance fee is 400 SEK. Total cost your first visit 1000 SEK. Sunday the entrace fee is 200 SEK. Membership is personal and will last for one year.

You confirm the membership at the club. Registration and payment is made on the first visit. Your first visit, you must arrive before 22.30, this is because we can show you around and tell you more about the club and rules.

The club is open every friday,Saturday 21.00 to 03.00 and sunday 18.00 to 23.00.

Simple rules:
Everything that happens at the club stays there, no names should never be mentioned outside the club.
A no is always a no, and to be respected by all.
Always ask first before doing any advancements.
Stick together as a couple - all evening.
Total ban of mobile phones and cameras.
The minimum age is 20 years.

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