Swingers Club Rome
Swingers Club Rome

 Contact :  072 255 8835
 Address :  Plot 88 Rowles Road Farmall Ext 1 Randburg North Gauteng


Welcome to Club Rome, South Africa's biggest on-premise alternative adult lifestyle and swingers club, soon to be your home from home.

Club Rome has over a thousand registered card carrying members and is growing stronger by the day.

What sets the Club Rome website apart from all the other lifestyles organisation in South Africa is the fact that only verified members have access to our site. Club Rome is an honoured Affiliate Member of NACSA International. This means that Club Rome conforms to international standards which assures you, our valued members, discretion, confidentiality and safety.

You are now entering the Empire of Rome.



The Empire consists of Club Rome, where swingers meet, as well as the Club Rome Internet site. We invite you to make use of our facilities, and treat them as if you were in your own home. We strive to provide a place where everyone can feel free to pursue the "Roman Lifestyle" in a friendly, safe, discreet and secure environment. For this reason we have drawn-up a set of rules and ask for your co-operation in order to create an ideal festive and joyous venue. These rules have been implemented as a result of trial and error, and we only carry your best interest at heart.

Respect the rules of the empire, as well as your fellow citizens or face the wrath of the Senate!

WARNING! Should you disregard any of these rules you will be banished from the Empire, and exiled to live a solo life for eternity!

The Roman Empire, its generals and all other citizens strive to have an environment that not only is secure, respected and peaceful but also free of politics and traitors. Therefore upon your application for membership, you will be asked a few questions to speed up the selection process, we ask that you fill in these questions as honest and truthfully as you can. This will also in return ensure that all profiles and citizens on the Internet site and at the club are 100% real citizens.

Anyone who is willing to adhere to the terms, conditions and rules of the Empire, after the selection process, is eligible to become a citizen of Club Rome as a Roman Gladiator…

GLADIATORS duties will be to promote peace, harmony and fun throughout the Empire. Their duties will also include converting the non-believers (Vanillas) to eventually become gladiators.

CENTURIONS as the name implies… will serve 100 gladiators, give them advice, assistance and guidelines if so required.

LEGIONNAIRES are there to assist all when needed, also promote the Roman Lifestyle amongst the masses, as well as to plan and implement with the assistance and ideas from citizens, the general happenings socials and special parties for Club Rome.

GENERALS are there to see to it that all citizens of the Roman Empire have fun in peace and harmony, to oversee the various events and great days planned for its citizens.

SENATOR - The Governing Body that controls Club Rome. The Senate rule of the citizens of Rome... here to ensure the smooth running of the club and that you have a 'jol' and see that no politics other than spreading the good word is created. The Opposition - politics stirrers - will be fed to the Lions..

The senate is responsible to ensure that all citizens of Rome are treated with Honesty, Courtesy Dignity and Respect, this is expected in return from our members. Club Rome is the most difficult club to be a member of, but this is done for some very good reasons. Membership is at no point guaranteed, being a member is not a right, it is a privilege.

Once you have applied to become a member of Club Rome, you have completed you online registration, you may receive an invitation to attend a swingers and adult party at Club Rome itself. You will be required to attend the Introduction, a half hour session where the rules and regulations are explained to prospective new members.

We promote RESPECT, COURTESY, DIGNITY, PEACE, HARMONY and FUN to all our citizens, and hope that you will enjoy a long, fruitful and prosperous Roman Lifestyle with us in the Roman Empire.

We wish all our citizens safe passage!

Please Note: Right of Admission is Reserved.

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