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Steak House These dining establishments feature the traditional Brazilian barbecue, which consists of full cuts of meat that are skewed and barbecued in a “churrasqueira” comprised of bricks. Prime rib, tri tip, fillet mignon, shrimp, chicken, pork, lamb, and even pineapple skewed and barbecued to excellence in a brick oven and provided at your table, where the servers cut the meat and serve them on the customers’ plates. The distinct cuts of meat keep coming to the customers’ table, where they have the choice to receive a slice of the cut or decline it. The “churrascarias” ordinarily have, complimentary to the meat, an all-you-can-eat buffet. Usually, the buffet offers salads, rice, beans, and some fish stew. Frequently, these houses also offer pao-de-queijo (similar to cheese puffs, a bread made of tapioca flour and cheese), deep fried banana (standard Brazilian treats), and baked pineapple - a whole pineapple skewed and covered in sugar and cinnamon and barbecued. Hearts of palm, fresh fruits and vegetables are as well part of the arsenal.

Restaurants in Brazil are typically designed to handle lunch time customers rather than the typical dinner time customers. This greatly changes how they prepare meals, and how they price their dishes. Many lunch time diners are looking for a very simple eating experience, with a nutritious and fairly quick meal. Hot buffets offer them this by having multiple hot dishes ready. Pricing is generally by weight or an all-you-can-eat model, many places have both options available. Sandwiches are regarded as a snack and not a proper meal! Therefore restaurants typically serve up hot and nutritious dishes for lunch rather than the typical North American light style lunches. Meals are usually served and enjoyed on premises, but many dining establishments also offer take away and food delivery services. Of course the dinning establishments vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of cuisines. For Brazilians it is very prevalent to go back home during lunch to have their meal with their family members. This isn’t always practical, especially in the larger cities, so restaurants have taken up the slack and designed a business around catering to these individuals. In many of the less crowded cities it can be difficult to find a standard sit down and order off the menu style establishment.

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